People who are active in the mission of Habitat are valuable members for helping us complete our work. From Faith and Community relation committees, Family Selection Committee, Carpenter’s Club, and many more, there are plenty of ways to use your passions to to help Habitat. Check Below for a brief description of each opportunity and how you can get involved.


The Faith Relations Committee will seek to strengthen the support of the affiliate’s work by gaining volunteers, prayer, and financial resources from community churches. At least 50% of the area churches should be actively involved. The committee will work in partnership with faith communities by extending the opportunity for members to engage in ministry by becoming involved with HFHCI.


The committee seeks to welcome new families into the Habitat family and to provide them with a mutual support system, educational opportunities and a forum for discussions regarding homeownership and relevant Habitat policies and procedures. The committee is the primary liaison between the affiliate and the homeowner families and enables the affiliate to learn more from Habitat homeowners and thus constantly improve its program.


The Construction/Building committee shall be responsible for implementing the construction activity of Habitat homes.


The Family Selection Committee works to carry out the Board’s vision by defining the population in need of decent, affordable housing, and by developing processes and policies for selecting those in greatest need.


The Site Selection Committee’s initial responsibility is to target the area of your community in which the ministry of Habitat will develop and work. Ideally, this would be done in an area in which property is readily available at a reasonable cost. Once an area is targeted, it is the committee’s responsibility to identify and recommend property for acquisition to the Board. The committee then follows through with the acquisition process.

For more information about how you can get involved, call 515-232-8815 or email director@hfhci.org